Keep drivers from
pencil-whipping inspections

ORIGOInspect ensures a thorough inspection for vehicles and assets.

You will know that your drivers actually left the cab and performed a proper inspection.

As soon as the driver begins their inspection, our app starts a timer, counts their steps around the truck and/or trailer, and shows a time and location stamped GPS recording of their journey around the truck.

Taking inspections to the next level

Ensure fleet safety and avoid DOT violations while also preventing unnecessary repairs and downtime with our essential features.

GPS Recording

Shows your drivers trip around their truck and trailer.

Step Counter

Shows the number of steps taken for inspections.


If outside the threshold, an alert will be sent to admin.

Strengthen compliance and fleet safety

Keep your vehicles safe and on the road

Photo capture

Improve safety
Preventive maintaince
Avoid any potential DOT fines

Solutions built for fleets

Which solution is right for your fleet?


App helps drivers determine the location of truck trailers on the map in real time.