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Increase your fleet productivity, ensure that your drivers follow company and safety guidelines, and view vehicle data packed into detailed DVIR reports.

What we do

We know managing a fleet can be a difficult job. That’s why we developed two solutions that will help fleets and their drivers be more efficient. Saving them time and money in addition to improving fleet safety.


ORIGOInspect is reinventing the way fleets perform DVIR inspections. Our app prevents falsification of reports by tracking inspection time, driver step count and GPS location. All data about inspections, defects and repairs will be easily accessible to the administrator on the admin page.

GPS tracking

Administrator will always know the exact location of the driver and the route they took during inspection.

Step Counter

Helps ensure that the driver inspected their vehicle assets correctly and thoroughly.

Built-in timer

Tracking the inspection times helps better estimate the validity of the inspection and prevents drivers from rushing through it.

App for tablet and mobile

Our solution’s UI design is optimized for both mobile and tablet devices, so it can run on a wide range of equipment.


ORIGOTrack gives fleets increased visibility for trailers and assets. With real-time tracking, geofencing and yard trailer navigation.

Trailer search

Eliminate yard hunts. Easy to use navigation shows drivers exactly where their trailer is.

Navigate to trailer

Driver can tap on “Navigate” shortcut and open a native map application with a route to your trailer already set.

Correct Trailer

Provide system reconciliation that generates an alert when a driver tethers to a wrong trailer.

Stolen Trailer

Receive an immediate alert when a trailer is pulled by a non-company tractor.


Cell phone use continues to be a major threat on the roadways today. Help make the roads safer by protecting your fleet with ORIGOSafeDriver. Our proactive safety solution helps prevent crashes and get your drivers home safely.

Proactive Cell Phone Safety & Real Time Coaching

Per your safety policy, customize drivers’ capabilities to make calls, allowing just hands free calling or even a no-call policy. Enforce 100% employee compliance by identifying when drivers aren’t logged in.

Easy app usage

All the driver has to do is to enter the application once. After that they can stay logged in the system.

Predictive analytics

We will help detect risky driving, before incidents can occur. Dashboard reports allow for insights into fleets safety performance.

Theft & after hours use protection

Match drivers to your vehicles and receive notifications when vehicles are used outside of your customized parameters.

“Since we installed these devices we have not had one accident
that was our fault. We believe in this device, and we’re encouraged
about developments that will just improve an already great


Samuel Seo

Head of Marketing @Minty

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