Stop wasting time
searching for trailers

Never lose another trailer. Decrease yard search times and boost your fleet productivity with ORIGOTrack.

Quick and easy tracking for trailers.

Drivers can view a full list of available trailers and pick necessary ones to locate them on the map.

Make your trailers smarter with ORIGOTrack

Smart trailers allow fleets to work smarter not harder

Trailer search

Eliminate yard hunts. Easy to use navigation shows drivers exactly where their trailer is.

Navigate to trailer

Driver can tap on “Navigate” shortcut and open a native map application with a route to your trailer already set.

Correct Trailer

Provide system reconciliation that generates an alert when a driver tethers to a wrong trailer.

Stolen Trailer

Receive an immediate alert when a trailer is pulled by a non-company tractor.

Solutions built for fleets​

Which solution is right for your fleet?


App helps driver perform DVIR inspections for vehicles.